Yukon Camp Knife 

Yukon Camp Knife

Overall length: 14.25 inches  (362 mm)

Blade length: 9.5 inches (241 mm)

Steel: 1095

Steel thickness: .1875 inches (4.8 mm)

Grind : Full flat

Construction: Full tang

price = $450 U.S.

The Yukon Camp knife shares the same basic dimensions as the Walkabout 9 but it utilizes a drop point profile to take advantages of a couple of features. The drop point design on the Yukon create a high point which brings in a longer cutting edge. A curved broader belly allows the user to longer drawing cuts while only utilizing a slight wrist motion. Also the drop point leaves more spine weight further out and toward the front which will extend the sweet spot. a bit toward the end of the rotation of radius of your swing allowing a bit more speed to be built up on the sweet spot. Lastly the drop point design give the Yukon a pronounced tip.