Overall Length: 18 inches (457 mm)

Blade length: 11.5 inches (292 mm)

Steel: 1095

Steel thickness: .1875 inches (4.8 mm)

Grind: Full thin convex

Construction:Full tang

Price = $600 U.S.

My Parang  is a blend of a number of features from: blade balance and  blade geometry to handle design in order to generate an animal of a cutting machine. Lets start first with the weight distribution. As you can see the blade is weighted forward design bringing the mass of the blade out over the sweet spot. As the blade starts building up momentum it has a large proportion of the blades weight directed behind the cutting edge to help deliver the needed penetration. The fact I have a narrow blade with less mass near the handle helps build speed and momentum much like in a golf club the trick is figuring out how much blade to put where. The blade geometry boasts three distinctive cutting areas: at the back toward the handle, the sweet spot and toward the tip. Toward the handle is kept thin to aid in the whipping action but it also helps for finer cutting jobs when you choke up on the handle. The sweet spot has a wider convex grind to cause the material to pop and explode out of he cuts. Lastly the front part of the blade is a medium width to allow for a sharp quick severing edge which gives the user the ability to make effective wrist snap cuts. The use of wrist snap cuts helps conserve valuable energy that would be normally eaten up by full broad motion swing. The handle is what I refer to as a two stage handle you can either choke up on it or for those big cuts,  it is roomy enough to slide back on and get that extra length for speed. As usual I make sure the handle is fully contoured and is comfortable for long terms of use.

Please check out the gallery below!