How to Order 

All models have a base price at the bottom of their description. The base price includes your choice of either natural micarta or black paper micarta. The price also includes a sheath and your choice of stainless steel or brass pins. 

Lead time on knives may change depending on the volume of orders I have and time of year, I like to get away too. Keep in mind your lead time starts from the time I receive payment not from the time you initially make an inquiry. After your order is confirmed you will be contacted when your knife is finished and shipped. PLEASE do not email me asking about the status of your knife. If I have to answer all those emails it will take me away from making your knife.

When placing an order you will need to know the following:

Model: ?

Handle material: See below

Pins: brass or stainless steel

Sheath: Side of carry? right or left

Sheath color and side of carry: Brown, Black (i.e. right side black)

After the price of your order is figured out I will mail you instructions on payment methods available. 

 I currently  do not take credit cards. 

Thank you.


Handles: As mentioned base price includes natural or black paper micarta

Other micartas: Other micartas single colored micartas such as green linen and single color G10 materials are $25 extra. 

                             (with the exception of white or ivory colors to be priced upon request)

Wood materials: Wood materials are priced upon request due to changing prices and availability.

Horn and antler: I do not work in horn or antler due to  the import restrictions.

Liners: Single liners $20 Double liners $30

Steel: I can order just about any steel there is. A price will be given upon request of materials to be used.

Fires steel loops: Please add $20

Danglers: Dangler rigs are an extra $25.

Kydex Sheaths: Please add $25

Custom fire steels: Pricing will depend on the handle material to be matched .



Shipping in to the lower 48 and Alaska is $23 anywhere in Canada is $20

Internationally please provide and address for the most accurate quote before ordering.

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