Walkabout 9 

Walkabout 9

Overall Length:  14.25 inches (362 mm) 

Blade length: 9.5 inches (241.3 mm)

Steel: 1095

Steel thickness: .1875

Grind: Full flat

Construction: Full tang

Price = $ 450 U.S.

Up sizing the Walkabout 7 was the next natural step for this practical and effective design. Some people asked for a bit more weight and length to go on their merry way wreaking havoc on the vegetation. Therefore I gave them what they wanted.The walkabout 9 has that extra weight and length taking it up into full chopper land. Again the blade is expertly ground to allow for maximum penetration with your swing. Lean and mean are the motto's of this knife. A well ground blade will allow the energy of the users swing to complete the cutting action and sever material.  Blades are bound by the same laws of physics as boats and plains, the less surface resistance the better. All Walkabouts come with universal sheaths which allow a wide variety of carries. As with the Walkabout 7 the Walkabout 9 also needs no choil  the handle is designed to allow you to choke up for detailed while working and maintain complete control.

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