Diving Sparrow Knife Works

Over the last 16 years of knife making I have had the opportunity to experiment with a number of different abrasives from a wide variety of companies. About four years ago I switched to VSM abrasives because of their wide selection and quality. Now I am supporting the knife making community as a dealer for VSM. My goal is to provides quality products targeted to the knife community at affordable prices. All prices are listed in Canadian currency although I will ship to the U.S. for a minimum order.

If you have any questions regarding abrasive feel free to contavt em and I will help you to the best of my ability.

VSM Abrasives are a Product of Germany

How to order

To order simply message me through the site Contact US    include a list of the belts you would like and I will send you an invoice through PAYPAL. I am only excepting PAYPAL at this time.

Aluminum Oxide belts

Aluminium Oxide belts work well on handle material and have a good range of grits to do the mid range grinding on your knife. I myself use Aluminium Oxide in the mid range grits of 220 and 320. A "J" weight belt is perfect for rapping around the platen and cleaning up the plunge line. If you are dealing with some of the more wear resistant  materials you might consider moving to some of the specialty abrasives. For grinding in the mid range Aluminium Oxide is also very affordable.

2 x 72  220 KK511J  220 Grit $6.25 each plus tax.

2 x 72 320 KK511J   320 Grit $6.25 each plus tax.


Zirconia is tough and longer lasting than Aluminum oxide yet more affordable than other exotic abrasives such as Compact grain belts and are great for the rough grinding jobs such as profiling and starting out your bevels. I personally start with a 60 grit then move onto a 120 grit belt before changing to an Aluminium Oxide belt. Remember to keep your worn belts for the first grind on a blank. As the sharp edges on the blank will strip a lot fo the life form a new belt.

2 x 72  060 ZK713X 60 Grit  $6.25 each plus tax

2 x 72  120 ZK713X 120 Grit $6.25 each plus tax

6 x 48   060 ZK713X  60 Grit $10.00 each plus tax

Compact Abrasives

Compact abrasives have a resharpening property that allows them to last longer and perform even cutting. I use these abrasives in the higher grit ranges as unlike Aluminium Oxide the Compact Abrasives are stacked and result in a thicker surface on the belt. The benefit to a thick surfaced abrasive is, unlike Aluminium oxide belts  you don't get the interrupted skip of the splice joint between your blade and the platen. The compact abrasive allows for a smoother finish at progressively higher grits. The cost of the belt may be more but they do last much longer than your higher grit Aluminium Oxide belts.

2 x 72 400 KK772J 400 grit $8.30 each  plus tax

2 x 72 600 KK772J 600 grit $8.30 each plus tax

2 x 72 800 KK772J 800 grit $8.30 each plus tax