The Process


To want to make knives you have to really! want to make knives and to make good ones you have to want to make them bad! The process of making a knife doesn’t  just start with drawing one, then cutting one out. A good knife starts with a  great deal of understanding it is more than just a piece of machined steel. I have been camping and going on wilderness trips since I was a young boy. I also have a background in teaching wilderness survival and traditional wood working. If you take all the previous experiences and combine them with my writing reviews on knives over the last 16 plus years you have someone with a huge addiction to knives: how they are made and how they are used. So at Diving Sparrow every knife starts with  an understanding of the tool itself and how it is to be used.


First off design starts with a purpose in mind and then I draw on my experiences in that area to create a tool fitted to that purpose. Function is foremost and after that we move into development. As the design evolves templates and eventually a prototype is made at, which point I use my experience as a reviewer to critique my own knife. I will put the prototype through its paces, which will involve a great deal of use and then I make notes as to what changes are to be made. After the prototype is done we move onto what I would call the introductory model. The introductory model is the first version the public will see. It has already undergone the changes and now I concentrate on the knife’s presentation, after which I decide if the knife becomes a regular offer.

The making

At Diving Sparrow a handmade knife is truly a handmade knife I don’t use any jigs or machines other than my belt grinder to produce the blade geometry. I take my time and custom grind each knife by hand with only a pair of calipers to aid me. From there I continue on to complete the package with an ergonomic handle.


Each knife receives my personal attention in its shaping. It is not enough to simply round off edges on the scales. I contour each handle so that a person’s hand can gain as much control over the cutting edge as possible, while still keeping the figure of the handle comfortable. After all what good is a tool to you if every time you go to use it you regret having to.


I use top grain leather to provide a safe and attractive carry for each knife. I custom make each sheath as well. Learning to make my own sheaths has been as interesting a journey as the knife making process itself. Over the years I have learned a lot about the finer points that make a good sheath into a functional work of art.

End product

As you can tell I involve myself in every step and enjoy being capable of fully producing a knife for your use. Over the years I have taken my experiences in various related fields and combined them with a drive to produce a dependable product for your enjoyment. Some people say that my knives are too good looking to be users. I prefer to think their clean finished. Their  appearance is to be a mark of the quality you can expect from a Diving Sparrow knife.