Walkabout 7 

Walkabout 7

Overall length:  12.5 inches (317.5 mm)

Blade length: 7.25 inches (184 mm)

Steel: 1095

Steel thickness: .1875 (4.8 mm)

Grind: Full flat

Construction: Full tang

Price = $400 U.S.

Here is your chopper! the 7.25 inch (184 mm) blade is light and lively. A knife like the Walkabout packs enough punch to be the light weight chopper you have always wanted to pair your sheath knife up with.  I am a big fan of father and son style carries. Father and son match ups are a small to mid size blade matched up with a small to mid size chopper. Having a knife set like this covers the vast amount of your knife needs. A full flat grind with a .1875 inch (4.8 mm) spine weight gives this knife penetration. The blade is expertly ground to allow the energy of your swing to cut and not be dissipated because of a chunky blade geometry. It is an impressive chopper and can also be your main sheath knife. The well proportioned and properly contoured handle give you full control over the cutting edge while swinging or cutting. There is no need for a choil on this knife. This large blade is a well thought out in combination with a handle combination, which gives you a front row seat to the cutting action. Add to it that the ergonomics of the handle are such that you can use it all day long.