Overall Length: 9 inches (225 mm)

Blade length: 4.25 inches (106  mm)

Steel: O1

Steel thickness : .157 inches

Grind : Scandi,Full Flat, Saber

Construction : Full tang

Price = $280 U.S.

The Woodcrafter is my take on a Wood lore design. A bit trimmer and with optimized handle ergonomics this knife is ready for wilderness travel. There are days when a knife will ride on your hip and others when it seems like it never leaves your hand. When you need a cutting edge to make your life easier the Woodcraft is one that you can count on. The narrow blade and hefty material thickness makes the Woodcraft and agile tool in hand with aggressive cutting characteristics. If you want an edge to help you create what in in your minds eye you need good blade geometry and solid handle contouring to make it happen. If you are a fan of the TV show ALONE you will have seen this knife in the hands of Dave McIntyre. Tried an true the my Woodcrafter has met many tests and passed with flying colours.