Overall Length: 9 inches (225 mm)

Blade length: 4.25 inches (106.25  mm)

Steel: O1

Steel thickness : .157 inches

Grind : Scandi,Full Flat, Saber

Construction : Full tang

Price = $330 U.S.

The Saker is my own design some of you might know it formally as the Peregrine. A trim sturdy tool the Saker is a knife that will face ever day work chores around the camp with you as well as some of the most heart racing adventures. The blade to handle ratio make this knife a balanced package that is nimble in the hand. With a blade that is less than a inch width (25mm) it takes those tight turns a custom to Bush Craft work. Yet the 5/32 (.1578) inch thick blade gives it that ruggedness you could stake your life on. Feeling is believing! Once you put your hands on this knife you will think I made the handle just for your hands, At the point you start cutting with it you wow't believe that cutting could be so easy. With a Saker at your side the only limits you face are the ones you place on yourself.