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Hand made knives are a work of passion and at Diving Sparrow Knives we are passionate about making solid users for those who are passionate about the knives they use.

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Site Updated June 26 2018
Welcome everyone! . Well the warm weather is finally here. I have been working in the shop steadily. I know I promised a while back to start having more prototypes and more now available items up. Please check back as I will be building these sections along with other features.
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Diving Sparrow Knife Works is dedicated to making effective ergonomic cutting tools. Careful attention is taken to achieve a balance that allows form to follow function to create a tool that is pleasurable to use and will last a lifetime.

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About the Maker:

Abe Elias has been making knives for over 15 years now and has been a collector of knives since his childhood.

Some of you may also know Abe as a writer for the top knife magazines of the world, like Knife Magazine, and Blade magazine. Also as a Knife Columnist for GUN World magazine and has been published in numerous other magazines for outdoor techniques and gear reviews.

Abe is the author of a chapter in Blade's Guide to knife making and has contract knives with four        knife companies  such as CRKT, Colonial,TOPS and Boker                                         

Over the years Abe has also instructed wilderness tripping and  survival corses, traditional wood working, primitive skills and wilderness canoeing .

Abe’s experiences in the outdoors coupled with the fact he has reviewed countless knives over the years, gives Abe a unique perspective on the use and design of knives. Abe uses his  unique set of skills to create hand crafted knives that are ergonomic for long hours of pleasurable use.